Bubanovic Ivan, Najman Stevo, Pop-Trajkovic Zoran


Immunocontraception is one of youngest branch of immunology. Investigations on immunocontraception field endure in last hundred years due to revolutionary advancement was made with apparition of genetic, molecular biology and reproductive immunology. Antigenic basis of the first contraception vaccine was whole cells or tissue extracts, so that the most important antigen of the vaccines was not been precisely defined. In last twenty years, the concept of immunocontraception was established on the one-antigen or one-epitopes based vaccines. There are several advancement of immunocontraception relating classical approach in problems of contraception. The advancement refers to the comfort, prices, efficacy, complications, and possibility nonselective acting on animal populations. Classical contraception is inapplicable for treatment of animal population without engaged many of competent persons which can provide the procedure.

o that effect, contraception vaccination is revolutionary procedure. This possibility comes as results of development in technology of recombinant DNA and creating a new microorganisms, which might express certain antigens. Live microorganisms like antigenic basis of contraception vaccine enable possibility for epidemic immunization whole population of animals. At the same time, this model of the immunization adapted for people, lead in epidemic model of the immunization with characteristics of biological weapon. Our motives for writing the publication are based on possible great awareness of contraception vaccines in the future. Another motive is based on the fact that the problem of immunocontraception is not presented on Serbian language. In that respect immunocontraception is very large area, we constricted and described only most important mechanisms, which participate in procedure immunocontraception. In addition, we described most important results of researches on different antigens used like targets in immunocontraception procedures.

In order that showing only most important details from immunocontraception, we started by presumption that the majority of readers are already familiar with the fundamentals of medicine, biology, immunology, immunopathology, oncology, mammalian reproduction. To that effect, this publication is free of descriptions otherwise found in most textbooks. Naturally, the book is intended for all readers showing interest. If, upon reading this subject matter, the interest of readers grows into practical work in the fields of reproductive or tumor immunology, or something even greater, the author’s satisfaction would be complete, and the objective of the entire publication fulfilled. Finally, I recommend the articles cited throughout the text to all those readers who would like to expand their knowledge regarding the evolution of the immune system, alloreactivity, immune recognition, various forms of immune tolerance, immunocontraception, as well as general immunology and auto-immunity.

Authors, 2002

Publisher: Mrljes – Belgrade, 2002.

96 pages., 31 illustrations  and 147 references.

ISBN 86-82271-72-9